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This has been a fun first part of the semester, My physica sucks balls and i have a strong feeling i'll have to redo the class. Good bye another 500 dollars.

But in the long run, I have plenty of other classes that I will move on to. :j

Any way, I need some motivation to draw again. I'm open for ideas.

Let me know, if not, EH, ok. I'll figure s^%t out.

This is a pic based of a' Borderlands in anticipation for the Sencond part of the Story of Pandora, Without Blue cat People.
Though that would look interesting.


Whasup Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!


2010-12-28 10:51:43 by Wolvencheiftan1993

Its almost new years and the days are growing neerer and neerer. I am making a double berrel pistole in honor of Devil May Cry, Xionic madness and Trigun, with a bit of Assassins Creed. Hopfuly it won't come out like crap. Got my new years resolutions down and plenty of time to make sure they get done.

HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL! 2011 is on its way.


I am back, fur and all, With a pic of my love!!!

Its been a while but i have a working computer now, Halalujia. I have tones of new photos and pics i drew, but alass, they are to efin big. I'll be posting them on my journals when I write new ones. Or you can check them out somewhere else. n e who, here is meh post. ish me luck.


Greatings and Mozeltov!!!!


2010-03-02 17:14:16 by Wolvencheiftan1993

BUT SERRIOUSLY, i'm back for know. i'll be off and on every once in a while. But i'm here to post some pictures and get a certain some one to stop bugging me, EVEN though that'll never happen. SO< i say hello and listen to the rumers from th eoutside world. I have a new self portrate, that i decided to use the Balto art style, because BALTO IS AWSOME! THe pictures to the left are temporary till i can make some other ones. tho top one i found on d-art by idk. and the other one is a snapshot from Balto.

(i am having some technical dificulty with picture size so this might take some time . . . DAMNIT!)



2009-10-07 18:38:00 by Wolvencheiftan1993

Well, I must say it has been a long time since i was here last, but any way. I don't think i missed much. I could be wrong, but if any one would like to share, i'd be happy to read. This is me taking a break so i must shove off. I'd like to hear from some people. I'll get some more art work up soon, so be patient. give me more time.

This is an awsome picture of grave i'd like to show. It has given me inspiration. I hope you get nspired too.


Behold a new idea of creation. The cerberus pistoles from gungrave shall be thy name and power shall be thy crown. Seriously, i am making these bad boys, enemys beware. jst kidn, be only affraid of the pain. i won't make real ones till i get a licence and a degree, if any, ANY HOO< that is going to be my next project. Wish me luck, and hope to hear many comments. later.



2009-09-19 15:49:58 by Wolvencheiftan1993

My wifi card is holing out till i get a new one. Soooooo, ya. I'mfinally back. The condor is finally a neo-natzie and i find him threatining, somehow or another. But i don't think banning him will stop him. Oi gavalt! Any hooo, I am curently in the prosess of making the Dragon Slayer from Berserk. This is going to be fun. And i will get art up as soonas i can. Srry for the inconvieniance, but highschool is starting to catch up with me. I hope to hear back from Sasha, Dmatakami, and some other folks willing to visit. this is no good by, but a stern and confident hello. Shabat Shalome, and l' shana tova. Out.

P.S. - The guy in the picture is Guts. The big slab of sharpened steal with a dowel down the center of it is The Dragon slayer. Gestimated 6' 3" long, 1" thick, and 11" wide with a 14" handle. In other words, HOLY SHNIKY big. THis is not my art, but i want to usethis as an example. I'm still figuring out who the artist is who drew this. I repeat THIS IS NOT MY WORK.


A leave of absence

2009-09-08 23:02:56 by Wolvencheiftan1993

I'm taking a leave of absence for the time being. I hva some personal problems That must be worked out before I continue writing to any one over the inter net. The most I will be doing is gathering pictures and watching videos to grab the peak of insparation. I need this absence, But it would help If Dmatakami can keep me posted on what is going on here, or another friend on newgrounds. I bid thee ado, and hope for the best of every one. I will use some refrences from a disny movie and a jewish musical to liten things up a bit on this page. Hakuna Matata, and Lachiam to Life. I Wish for greatness and strengh to all. Fairwell, and see you all soon.


Over and out >> . . .

Well, I still got work, my friends.

2009-09-05 23:07:22 by Wolvencheiftan1993

I must say, that i'm going topost pone working on the book, for i will not show anyone thenothing ness that in my book. the story needs wrk anyway. BUT< ido have some art up finally, even ifthey are a few years old, drew them when i was 10 or 11. At lest i got art, for the most part. I still got work, . . . and High scchool to graduate. but thats simple to finnish so far. next year will be a chalange, but i will fight throiugh the challenges called life. Sasha, take a look at my art, please. i'd like a review. You too, DMatakami. So long, and post later. FURRY POWER! SPACE WOLVES RULE! AND POWER TO THE WOLF! out.

WOLVEN Blacksmith II

2009-08-31 22:19:26 by Wolvencheiftan1993

These are paper-cut-outs/stencils that will be used to make Rebellion[top center], a claymore[right], and the sister of thered queen from DMC4, Dark Angel[left]{its baisicaly the red queen with diffrent markings on the engine and diffrent color all together.

I'm thinking oak. YES, i am that crazy.

I want the actual weigh, no light crap that breaks like a twig, even though there is the chance.
But i think its worth it.

Not sure about selling. that might not be the story.

So, those are my next projects. the Hand-and-a-half sword works great.

Thats all for now. Catch ya'll later.

FURRY POWER! Wolves rock. [ Cats are out to get me. <sigh> o well]

Wolvencheiftan out.

. . .

WOLVEN Blacksmith II